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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Yvonne of Marion calls for gated crossings

Yvonne of Marion has written letters to State MPs on this issue.  She shares some of her thoughts with us below.
As one who has lived near the Marion Railway Station since 1965 I am most interested and concerned at some of the development taking place there. The public meeting at Westminster School on Sunday 23 June was informative. I appreciated the frank and open discussion with representatives of DPTI, and the opportunity to express some worries.
My biggest worry is the safety for all those especially children using the pedestrian crossing. I still recall with horror the tragic accident that occurred before the overpass was built to avoid future deaths. I also know from experience that even with the overpass in place some children and even some adults would jump the railway fence to avoid using it.
My firm opinion is that only an automatic gated level crossing for pedestrians- similar to the existing one at Oaklands Park Railway Station - at BOTH ends of the Marion Station will provide adequate safety.  The proposed underpass at ONE end of the station will not ensure this protection for long. It is inevitable that despite warnings pupils and adults will be jumping fences to take a quicker and shorter but much less safe route.
As a regular user of the railway I am also worried about my personal safety in an underpass, even an open one, when so many stories are told about unfortunate incidents in previous underpasses like those at Edwardstown, Ascot Park and Brighton  stations.
My other concern should the proposed underpass go ahead is that significant trees in the vicinity will be damaged and removed in its construction. I understand that with the electrification of the line safety is paramount, and that some trimming even removal of trees may be needed. Nevertheless this damage to the environment will be minimised if the underpass is not constructed.
May I urge you to replace the existing overpass with automated gated pedestrian crossings at each end of the Marion Station?
Yvonne of Marion

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