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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Helen from Park Holme sends her support

I would like to voice my support for the Marion residents who are concerned about the loss of significant trees and the potential dangers of an underpass replacing an overpass at Marion Station.
I would urge the State Government to re-think it's flawed plan and listen to residents - those who have to live with the consequences of the decision.
Firstly, in regard to the trees, do they not realise that it takes a hundred years to replace a hundred year old tree?  Working to "maximise re-planting opportunities" is a joke. Even if a thousand trees were planted to replace the 23 significant trees they would be no compensation for the loss of amenity to residents or the loss of a significant wildlife corridor for birds and other native species.  A rail corridor is one of the few places left that would have appeared to be safe from the bulldozer when significant trees all over the council area are being razed to make way for denser housing.  I know if I were a local resident I would be furious at the suggestion that such trees which formed part of my street-scape were going to be removed.  I expect it would actually decrease the value of houses because of the loss of amenity and appeal to buyers.
Secondly, the underpass sounds like a potential harbour for danger and crime and I fully understand residents who would not want their children using it.  All the lights and cameras in the world do not stop people who are intent on criminal activity!  We know that.  We see it all the time.  And even offenders who are caught are rarely brought to real justice.  We should just avoid creating the potential problem in the first place! The existing overpass could surely be upgraded at a much lower cost, both in monetary terms and to the environment and safety of users.
Council and State government must listen to residents on this matter.  Government is supposed to be there to serve the people not to damage and destroy.

Park Holme

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