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Monday, 1 July 2013

Make your voices heard

Residents on both sides of the rail line are concerned about the information being provided regarding the new underpass at the Marion Railway Station.

Firstly, the information being provided by The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has not been consistent and it is necessary that this issue is clarified.

Secondly, and importantly, the issue of whether an underpass is the best outcome for our community has neither been discussed nor proved.  The underpass concept has been provided as the sole solution for a pedestrian crossing but without any opportunity for real input from the community. There was no discussion of the options nor the benefits and losses associated with each possible choice.

The trees to be removed are not restricted to the few isolated trees the OERA was informed of earlier, but now changes to losing six significant eucalyptus trees, as well as other trees, in a single mass removal.

From vegetation maps supplied by DTIP

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