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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Resident from Abbeville Terrace

As a resident for over 15 years in Abbeville Terrace it alarms me a great deal the recent news of the railway underpass & planned destruction of significant trees along the railway corridor near my home
I purchased a home in this area because of its quiet, safe, beautiful tree lined streets, large blocks & little subdivision.  It is a fantastic neighbourhood with very proud residents, who all maintain their gardens & homes with great pride. From my garden I enjoy the view in the distance of these beautiful gums, with the birdlife, beauty & history they provide. 
As a cyclist, I regularly ride down the Mitchinbury Rail Corridor, & am impressed with the improvements made as part of the Greenways project - the title of which now seems to be at odds with the current plan of destroying so many trees.
I regularly walk my dog along Mitchinbury Terrace, & often use the overpass or level rail crossing near Bassie Street. I would not use the proposed underpass alone due to concerns for my safety at night during winter & would be also reluctant during daylight hours.  It horrifies me to think of what undesirable characters such an underpass would attract, & what this would mean for the safety of residents in the area.

Chris Abbeville Tce.

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