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Monday, 1 July 2013

Using an underpass in a wheelchair

Romana Challans, a resident of Brighton, is a frequent user of the Noarlunga line, including Marion station. Romana has a spinal injury, which means she travels the rail network in either an electric or manual wheelchair. 

She is a frequent user of Marion station, which has a level crossing at the northern end of the platform which allows her to park and ride.

In a recent interview on ABC 891, Romana compares the experience of crossing the rail using an underpass (such as Brighton or Hove), an overpass (such as the one at Marion), or a new  gated level crossing, such as the one at Oaklands station.

Her verdict? A decision to remove the existing at level crossing from the northern end of the station and replace it with an underpass leaves her taking the bus (if she can).

Also, Paul Gardner-Stephens, resident of Minchinbury Terrace, Marion, talks about his experiences living close to the underpass at Ascot Park and explains why the vegetation along the rail corridor is a community asset.

June 28 mp3 of the interviews (16 min:19 seconds)

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