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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rail users rate the options

Thank you to all residents and rail users who chose to complete our community survey to rate three possible layouts for Marion station.

We tallied all the replies we received and delivered them to DPTI and to Minister Tom Koutsantonis within the timeframe set out by the minister to consult with the local community.

Collection of your responses began at the DPT&I Open Day, held at Hamilton High School on Thursday, July 25. We wanted to give you a chance to attend the open day, listen to DPTI's prsentation, ask questions and then judge the merits of each argument for yourself. Accordingly all respondents were asked to listen to the presentation before completing the survey.

For anyone who wasn't able to make the open day (or did attend but just wanted time to think things through) we collected community surveys from people up to the closure of consultation on Monday, July 29. 

Unacceptable option

From a total of 159 survey respondents, 154 of you rated a subway only option at the station as unacceptable, with one person saying that this option was their first preference, providing it was 'properly designed with minimum overway'.

The other two options were:

  • Option A, a gated level crossing at the northern end of the platform and a pedestrian foot bridge at the southern end of the station, nearest Westminster School oval.
  • Option B, two gated level crossings at either end of the platform.

Acceptable options

Many of you indicated that either A or B were acceptable, with 154 of 159 indicating option A was acceptable and 148 respondents rating option B as acceptable.

First preference

One hundred and four people indicated that option A was their first preference, while 55 indicated a gated level crossing as their first preference.

Disabled, aged and vulnerable

Of the 13 respondents who indicated that you are aged, mobility-impaired (such as walk with a stick or a frame) or commute via a wheelchair, none indicated that the subway was an acceptable option for them.

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