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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Have your say, Marion

More than 150 people braved the cold and rain to attend a public meeting organised to discuss plans to remove an existing maze crossing and a pedestrian overpass and instead replace this with an underpass at Marion station.

The proposal came from Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPT&I) and many residents of Marion were surprised and confused by the sudden announcement, given that just 10 days earlier some residents believed a replacement to the overpass was planned.

In the ensuing days a growing sense of anger and frustration with the department set in as residents began to realise the safety, access and environmental impacts of the proposal.

Saturday's meeting was the first real opportunity residents have had to discuss their concerns.  The public meeting was called by Carolyn Habib, Liberal candidate for Elder, after several local residents approached her with concerns about the lack of planning and genuine community consultation associated with the project.

Also present at Saturday's meeting were Patrick Conlon MP (ALP), Vickie Chapman (Lib) Deputy Leader and Shadow Minister for Transport, Mark Parnell (Greens) and Annabelle Digance ALP federal candidate for Boothby. Mr Luigi Rossi represented DPT&I.

After listening to Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen as the introductory speaker, Carolyn Habib, facilitated the meeting, allowing any resident to ask questions of Mr Rossi and voice their concerns.

Carolyn Habib, facilitating a meeting of Marion residents.

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  1. I have just had a phone call from Patrick Conlon's Office in response to my notification of the removal of roadside guttering today at the site of the proposed underpass. The staffer advised me that Mr Conlon has managed to get a hold on the underpass project! The work today happened as the hold hadn't filtered through yet.
    (Marion Resident)

  2. When the White Elephant (Overpass) was built the pedestrian crossing (at the other end) was dismantled, only to be replaced later because people jumped off the end of the platform & climbed the fence. Young & Old, @ a later stage the steps where blocked off due to some one sustained a injury. Are we really so naive & think history won't repeat itself, seeing there will be an extra long ramp & match steeper steps?
    Question by Jurgen and Audrey of Marion