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Monday, 1 July 2013

Link to vegetation removal maps DPT&I

Maps of planned vegetation removal 

These vegetation maps were posted to the DPT&I website in the week after the community open day of Sunday, June 23.

The key shows trees planned for trimming, minor pruning, major pruning and removal along the railway from Emerson, south to Warradale.

Maps 20-25 of 36 relate to Oaklands Park Estate, particularly Minchinbury Terrace.

Note that the grey box is all that is indicated for the proposed underpass - the map fails to mention that all vegetation in that box would be removed to make way for the underpass.

Residents are also seeking an explanation as to why tall trees on the opposite side of the track near the school appear to remain untouched, even though they are as tall or taller and just as close to the track as trees planted into the verge by residents along Minchinbury Terrace.

View the maps at DPT&I website

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1 comment:

  1. We bought into this area 16 years ago. The beautiful tree were a major draw card. House prices were dearer here than nearby suburbs. If our beautiful Minchinbury Terrace is butchered I and every home owner along the terrace should be financially compensated for the lost property value. We have selected, maintained and value the beautiful environment our council land adjacent to the rail corridor has, which is noticibly different to surrounding areas. WE DO NOT WANT SAVAGE PRUNING OF OUR TREES OR AN UNSAFE AND DIRTY UNDERPASS.