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Friday, 5 July 2013

OERA calls for Conlon to attend public meeting

Marion residents rally against pedestrian underpass for Noarlunga train line
This story, by Heather Kennett. appeared today in Guardian Messenger.  It includes comment from Oaklands Estate Residents' Association calling for local member Patrick Conlon MP to hear residents' concerns at a public meeting planned for tomorrow.

A new underpass will be built at the Marion train station, but it will involve the removal of several trees. Local residents Barbara Howard, Geoff Wells, Jasmin McGee with grandson Eamon, Samantha Kerr and Milton Howard do not want the trees to be removed. Source: News Limited

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1 comment:

  1. I agree that underpasses are not safe late at night. unless they are going to fill it with CCTV cameras. There is a good walkway that goes over the line, but, there is the issue of the disabled access. I might come along and have a listen to the different issues. I live near the Hove crossing at Brighton road, a total nightmare traffic congestion issue. We have now got automatic gates at the pedestrian crossing and they work very well and are inexpensive. Why does this area need a big expensive underpass that will just be turned into a public urinal?

    Lisa Crago of Hove posted this response to the story from Marion residents at